Keratoconus Cornea



Keratoconus is a degenerative disease of the cornea that causes it to gradually thin and Keratoconus bulge into a cone-like shape. This shape prevents light from focusing precisely on the macula. As the disease progresses, the cone becomes more pronounced, causing vision to become blurred and distorted. Because of the cornea’s irregular shape, patients with keratoconus are usually very nearsighted and have a high degree of astigmatism that is not correctable with glasses.
Keratoconus is sometimes an inherited problem that usually occurs in both eyes.


The first line of treatment for patients with keratoconus is to fit gas permeable (GP) contact lenses. Because this type of contact is not flexible, it creates a smooth, evenly shaped surface to see through. However, because of the cornea’s irregular shape, these lenses can be very challenging to fit. This process often requires a great deal of time and patience.


Lens Mode has over 30 years experience in fitting patients with keratoconus. We have developed our System 10™ for Keratoconus with a 98.4% success rate. simply provide us corneal topography or keratometric readings and we we will send you a set of custom made lenses. When you try the lenses on your patient, simply observe the fluorocein pattern and perform an over refraction. Lens Mode will manufacture custom lenses to exact specifications and ship to you the same day in most cases.

We use highly sophisticated and state of the art equipment to manufacture our custom contact lenses